Blodgets Custom Florals

Custom Garden Bouquet Floral Arrangement

The bright colors look like a summer garden in full bloom. Bold colors and texture make a grand presentation in the entryway of this home. This arrangement will make you smile every time you enter the room.

Client requested light, airy, wildflowers in fall colors


Calla Lily Floral Water Arrangement

Elegant Calla Lilies in burgundy with rich chocolate, ranunculus & grass lay peacefully in acrylic water, rock in a bronze container. This piece gives realism and dimension to a coffee table or long dining table. Low profile so you still can see your guests without looking over or around the arrangement!


Beautiful tablescape flower arrangement


Italian Elegance

Gorgeous sunset dahlia, rust hydrangea and delphinium complement this elegant Italian vase! Bold colors and textures make a grand statement in the living area.


Custom floral arrangement in client’s vase.




closeup of these high quality, gorgeous flowers!