The Red Sleigh by River Lodge Interior’s, carries a variety of pillar candles for all of your decorating requirements. Candle features, birch bark in natural or silver bark, ivory drip in moving flame & recessed flame, red drip in moving flame or recessed flame, and ivory honeycomb texture in recessed flame; all candles feature timers in 4, 5 or 8 hour increments. We also carry tea lights and votive candles with 5 hour timer. Pillars also come in fall colors of caramel, rust, marbled pecan brown and gold with recessed flame and timer. Spring colors in sea foam green and light pink are also available with timer. Many of our candles are remote ready!

We also have LED 9” wavy edge Tapers in ivory, deep red, silver shimmer, ivory shimmer and natural birch bark with recessed flame. We carry moving flame taper candles with timer in ivory & deep red, size is 9” and 11”.

We have a many LED Christmas candles. Snow textured candles in a variety of sizes, pinecone candles and winter frost Christmas tree candles. We also have LED moving flame candles in glittered dripping red, silver, gold, white frost, and champagne.